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As we all know, Japanese women are renowned for their beautiful skin. Of course, that flawless, dewy, radiant and absolutely wrinkle-free skin always makes us wonder about the age of those tiny petite geisha-like women.
I've been researching this topic or about two months now, and what I am going to tell you, guys, was very surprising to me. In fact,  Asian women, especially Japanese, pay THE LEAST attention to all of these popular creams ( moisturizers) we all crave about and buy loads of jars, thinking that it will dramatically improve our skin texture and elasticity.

Japanese skin care routine consists of the following steps:
Foam face cleansing ---Toner ---- Essense ---- and only then some basic moisturizer. As Chizu Saeki, now 69 years old, Japan's most famous skin guru and the creator of the book "The Japanese Skin Care Revolution" (2009) stated, "it's not the money that you spent on beautiful skin, it's the time and care". She was always saying that if your morning makeup takes about 20 minutes, you should also spend 20 minutes on removing it.

Let's start from the very first step.The most important thing when it comes to our skin care is  CLEANSING YOUR FACE. Let's think logically: if you cleansed your face fast-fast with some cleanser, and then started treating your skin with serums and moisturizer, now you can say "hey heyyy, slow down, not so fast!"  In fact, us, average girls, give a face cleansing only about a minute, maybe not even. That does NOT remove ALL the dirt and makeup, therefore, all the following steps with serums and creams are just useless, since they do not penetrate our skin deep inside.

So, let's go back to JAPANESE routine. Their women choose to use Cleansing FOAMING Wash. For that procedure there is a special Foaming Net that is sold in many asian stores ( and I am going to show you mine, since I've already got it). The net it lathers up in TWO seconds and from 2 pumps of a cleanser it can create a FOAMY MOUNTAIN like this:
WOAHHHH!!! Surprised? :) I WAS! So, the theory behind it is that when washing your face, you shouldn't directly touch it with your fingers. It is the foam that should gently massage your fragile face skin.  In other words, facial cleanser has its importance that during cleansing, the face skin layer structure is not damaged due to the tugging, rubbing, and stressing on the skin in the long run.

Again, the cleanser should be foaming. Let's choose something of Japanese origin, such as  Shiseido Perfect Whip Washing Foam

 This step is OBLIGATORY at all times since it balances PH level balance and prepares the skin for the main treatment.  (!) Japanese skin care products differ from the western ones, therefore, they dont have that typical toner we think of. Instead they have special lotions that play the role of a toner and the softenet at the same time (!)
TIP! In this step you must minimize the skin tugging as well, so instead of rubbing the face with a cotton pad, gently patt it with the product using palms or same cotton pads soaked with lotion.

Affordable japanese version Shiseido Hada-Senka Moisturizing Lotion Light $22.00 or a more high end  japanese  choice SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion $68.00

This is the key step. Only after applying toner/lotion  those products really penetrate your skin deep inside and work. Again, Japanese equivalent of western word "serum" is "essense". Serums liquid  is used to correct skin problems and reduce the number of imperfections on the skin. For this and following step you want to use the 4th finger and the middle one - these two fingers are the ones with minimal strength exerted, and hence less skin tugging. You should give it good several minutes before going to the next step.


 Again, Japanese moisturizer differs from the western one, since its main role is  to ACTIVATE the serum that was applied before AND also to hydrate  the skin as well.  To apply it, use the technique from the previous step and finish by gently  patting the face with palms.  Clinique Youth Surge Night Age Decelerating Night Moisturizer $85.00

And before you go, here is an important  Japanese skin care tip:  About twice a week try to incorporate face massage to your night routine that will help to increase circulation and blood flow to the face, resulting in a healthy, glowing complexion.  You might wanna use some cleasing oil to help warming up the skin and ease the whole process.

Be Beautiful. Be Glowing. Be Healthy.
 Ekaterina Ulyanoff


  1. Love it. Lol..even thou I'm an asian. I didn't really follow all your step...

  2. Glad I found this post. I've read good reviews about Chizu Saeki's book. I really want to get my hands on it :)

  3. Oh my.. What have I done to my skin!! I'm so thankful that I've found this blog. I wll definitely change my skin care routine with lots of care!

  4. I rub cleanser all over my face for roughly 10 seconds.. lol..
    Definitely gonna follow your advice.

  5. How much would all this stuff would be?! It seems an lot! :'( but this give me the price I been looking for this like FOREVER!!! I would work for it! >:D
    Because I have horrible skin and hate it, and to change it so easily so awesome to meh! :)

  6. She was always saying that if your morning makeup takes about 20 minutes, you should also spend 20 minutes on removing it.

  7. She was always saying that if your morning makeup takes about 20 minutes, you should also spend 20 minutes on removing it.

  8. Exfoliate your skin daily. Scrub away the dirt, pollutants, chemicals and toxins that get lodged in your skin – day after day. If you want a natural scrub then all you have to do is add white sugar grains to your favorite body wash. Of course, you will have to efficiently wash away and scrub off the sugar’s sticky feel.

  9. I am not Asian but love the tips you have shared here for Japanese skin care. I would like to follow these tips and hope for the results as Japanese women are having. :)


  10. Thank you so much for the tips. I am now actually relieved to know that I have been already following these tips for my skin prior to reading this article. Thank you and keep writing such profitable blog posts.
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  11. Thanks for providing up all the secrets of flawless young skin. I've read out all the steps very carefully and now willing to follow in such steps for getting a flawless young skin. Thanks once again. :)

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  13. Your skincare routine is really fantastic and very effective. I think anyone can take this routine as a well and idol skincare routine. Thanks for providing up photos too.

  14. Thanks for sharing about this products, very informative.

  15. The Japanese Skin Care Revolution" (2009) stated, "it's not the money that you spent on beautiful skin, it's the time and care". She was always saying that if your morning makeup takes about 20 minutes, you should also spend 20 minutes on removing it. Forehead Wrinkles

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  23. Wow, you're right. I was just reading the other day about how Japanese women looked so much younger and had this amazing skin – especially Japanese mainstream celebrities. I didn't know that there was a routine that they used like what you're describing, I thought they just got lucky and had great skin. Thank you very much for this post